Door Accessories

DESIRABLE DOOR HANDLES AND ACCESSORIES are leading online suppliers of premier door handles and offers admirable range of architectural door furniture and other accessories from world’s leading manufacturer at the reasonable price. We satisfy our customer admiring different styles by providing a wide range of products. Our product range is based on DIY (Do it yourself). DIY supports principle of being independent by completing tasks oneself as opposed to having others who are likely more experienced. Given below is our exotic product range:

  • Three Pair Door Handles: We provide our customers with exotic range of door handles.
  • Door Handles: We are leading providers of old-fashioned and modern style range of estimable door handles from the whole world adding beauty to the interiors.
  • Door Knobs: We provide exclusive range of architectural door knobs and other accessories.
  • Levers On Round Rose: We provide wonderful range of designer levers on rose.
  • Escutcheons And Thumbturns: We provide superior range of architectural door furniture and other accessories.
  • Window Furniture: We provide modern designer range of window furniture and accessories.
  • Aluminium Door Handles: We provide premium range of architectural door handle and other accessories.
  • Accessories: We provide excellent range of accessories giving different look to the interiors.
  • Black Antique Handles: We provide different range of designer antique handles.
  • Basic Door Furniture: We provide incomparable range of architectural door furniture and other accessories.
  • Internal Door Packs: We provide complete range of door furniture and other accessories.

Also, we provide dumpster services for our top customers. Get A Quotation.